Exclusive: AntonZap

Life Force

通常価格 ¥1,980

フォーマット: Cassete, Mixtape, Digital File
国: JP
リリース: 2022年 11月1日

Compiled and DJ Mix By – AntonZap

A Side:
B Side:

Limited to 30 tapes.
Art Design By Ginji



What on earth determines universal values ​​of the world? Originally, it is culture accompanied by spirituality such as music, art, literature, etc. Nor is it ever a changing political ideology. As long as the concept of the nation has existed, many conflicts have arisen over national borders, which form a completely inconvenient framework. In every country there are those who love tormenting conflicts (perhaps with malicious intent), and they’re those who write, sing and dance about joy and sorrow, the beauty of man and nature. In every country and era there are those who act with conscience.
Only each work can tell us the feelings of people. Even if a country that has left behind many great works in literature, classical music, film works, and ballet challenges its neighbours with bloodthirsty logic, it does not use many words and only the deep conscience of its people. I want you to feel the truth from the music that he try to show.

Massa from LIFE FORCE