perfect in all respects. Never used and possibly unopened.

Near Mint as good as new (NM/M-)

A near-perfect record. A record with no noticeable scratches or signs of use, and the cover has only the most minor imperfections, such as almost invisible record marks or slight signs of use. Basically, records that are graded as new (NM/M-) are as if they were purchased from a store and the outer vinyl was opened.

Very Good Plus Very Good Plus (VG+)

Very good + (VG+) is a record that has been used very carefully, even if it has a feeling of use. The surface of the record may have wear and small scratches that do not affect the sound. Record marks and discoloration can be seen on the label, but they are hardly noticeable. The hole in the center is not distorted by repeated playback, and the photo sleeve and LP inner sleeve may have scratches, deformed corners, and broken creases. The LP cover may also have scratches, pits, and may have dents. 

Very Good (VG)

Noise can be heard during quiet passages, intros, and fades at the end of a song, but not enough to affect the song itself. There are noticeable dents and minor scratches that affect the sound that you can feel with your fingertips. There may be writing or sticker/tape (or its marks). Similar defects can be seen on photo sleeves and LP covers.

Good good + (G+)

Good + (G+) or Good (G) refers to basically "not bad" condition that does not break when the record is played. However, there are noticeable noises, scratches, and dents on the record (Styrene records turn the dents white), and the cover and sleeve seams may be torn (especially at the bottom of the spine). Tapes (or marks), writing, record marks and other imperfections are very noticeable.

Poor, Fair Bad (P), Fair (F)

Generally worth 0-5% of like new (NM/M-). Records of this grade may be cracked or heavily bent, causing cuts or repeats. The sleeve is in a very bad condition with some spilled marks and writing, and the LP cover is in a state where it is difficult to put the record inside. The inner sleeve is also completely torn, and wrinkles and writing are often very conspicuous.