About condition notation

Perfect in all respects. It has never been used and may have been unopened.

Near Mint As good as new (NM / M-)

Almost perfect record. A record with no noticeable scratches or usability, with almost invisible record marks on the cover, or with only the slightest defects with a slight usability. Basically, a record that applies the grade of (NM / M-) as good as new is just like purchasing from a store and opening the outer vinyl.

Very Good Plus Very Good + (VG +)

Very good + (VG +) is a record that has a feeling of use but is treated very carefully. There may be wear or small scratches on the surface of the record that do not affect the sound. Record marks and discoloration can be seen on the label, but they are almost inconspicuous. The hole in the center is not distorted due to repeated reproduction, and the photo sleeve and LP inner sleeve may have scratches, deformed corners, or broken creases. The LP cover may also have scratches, holes, and dents. 

Very Good Very Good (VG)

You may hear noise in the quiet parts of the song, intros, and the last fades of the song, but it doesn't affect the song itself. There are noticeable dents, and there are slight scratches that affect the sound that you can notice by touching with your fingertips. It may be written or have a sticker / tape attached (or a mark). Similar defects can be seen in photo sleeves and LP covers.

Good Good + (G +)

Good + (G +) or good (G) refers to a basically "not bad" condition that is uninterrupted when the record is played. However, noticeable noise, scratches, and dents can be seen on the record (the dents turn white on styrene records) and the cover and sleeve seams may be torn (especially at the bottom of the back). Tape (or its traces), writing, record traces and other imperfections are very noticeable.

Poor, Fair Bad (P), Normal (F)

Generally worth 0-5% as good as new (NM / M-). Records of this grade are cracked or significantly bent, causing breaks in the song and repeated repeats of the same part. The sleeve is in very bad condition with spill marks and writing, making it difficult to put the record inside the LP cover. The inner sleeve is also completely torn, and many wrinkles and writing are very noticeable.