Joy Orbison

still slipping vol. 1

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Label: XL Recordings – XL1188LP
Format: Vinyl, LP
Released: August 13, 2021

Joy Orbison, a solitary DJ/producer who made his debut with the timeless club classic "Hyph Mngo" in 2009 and has been enthusiastically supported in the underground dance music scene all over the world, will release his first feature film. Released a 14-track mixtape "still slipping vol.1" from <XL Recordings>!! Recorded at his Walworth Window studios in south-east London, this powerful culmination of the music career that has driven the grand music scene so far has been recorded by Heron, James Massiah, A collaboration with up-and-coming artists such as Bate, Lee Sen, Goya Gambani, Tyson, and other genius aesthetics has been realized. In addition, Jungle/Drum'n'Bass legend Uncle Ray Keith, and cousin LeeAnne, who is seen in the artwork for this album, who gave young Joio the chance to hear Drum'n'Bass and UK Garage for the first time, were recorded in voice memos. The family's voice appears like a monologue, and at the same time it is the supreme dance music, and at the same time, it was completed as a soul record that evokes the personal scenes of the main character.